July 25th Final Radio Broadcast due to radio station changes


Each week enjoy an uplifting sermon from our Senior Pastor, Dr. Ted Denny.  From time to time you will also receive a blessing from one of our Associate Pastor's.  Check back every week for updated sermons. 

8-1-2021 August 1st 11am Dr. Ted Denny
7-25-2021 July 25th 11am Dr. Ted Denny
7-18-2021 July 18th 11am Dr. Ted Denny
7-11-2021 July 11th 11am Dr. Ted Denny
7-4-2021 July 4th 11am Dr. Ted Denny
6-27-2021 June 27th 11am Dr. Ted Denny
6-20-2021 June 20th 11am Dr. Ted Denny
6-13-2021 June 13th 11am Dr. Ted Denny
6-6-2021 June 6th 6pm Dr. Ted Denny
6-6-2021 June 6th 11am Dr. Ted Denny
5-30-2021 May 30th Dr. Ted Denny
5-16-2021 May 23rd Dr. Ted Denny
5-16-2021 May 16th Bro. Ted Denny
5-9-2021 May 9th Bro. Ted Denny
5-2-2021 May 2nd Bro. Ted Denny
4-25-2021 April 25th Bro. Ted Denny
4-18-2021 April 18th Bro. Ted Denny
4-4-2021 April 4th Bro. Ted Denny
3-28-2021 March 28th Bro. Ted Denny
3-21-2021 March 21st Bro. Ted Denny
3-14-2021 March 14th Bro. Ted Denny
3-7-2021 March 7th Bro. Ted Denny
2-21-2021 Feb 21st Bro. Ted Denny
2-7-2021 Feb 7th Bro. Ted Denny
1-31-2021 January 31st Bro. Ted Denny
1-24-2021 January 24th Bro. Ted Denny
1-17-2021 January 17th Bro. Ted Denny
1-10-2021 January 10th Bro. Ted Denny
1-3-2021 January 3rd Bro. Ted Denny
12-27-2020 December 27th Bro. Ted Denny
12-20-2020 December 20th Bro. Ted Denny
12-6-2020 December 13th Bro. Ted Denny
12-6-2020 December 6th Bro. Ted Denny
10-18-2020 October 18th Bro. Ted Denny
10-11-2020 October 11th Bro. Ted Denny
9-6-2020 October 4th Bro. Ted Denny
9-6-2020 September 20th Bro. Ted Denny
9-6-2020 September 6th Bro. Brian Henley
8-30-2020 August 30th Dr. Ted Denny
8-16-2020 August 16th Dr. Ted Denny
8-9-2020 August 9th Dr. Ted Denny
8-2-2020 August 2nd Dr. Ted Denny
7-26-2020 July 26th Dr. Ted Denny
7-19-2020 July 19th Dr. Ted Denny
7-12-2020 July 12th Dr. Ted Denny
7-5-2020 July 5th Dr. Ted Denny
6-21-2020 June 21st Dr. Ted Denny
6-14-2020 June 14th Dr. Ted Denny
6-7-2020 June 7th Dr. Ted Denny
5-31-2020 May 31th Dr. Ted Denny
5-24-2020 May 24th Dr. Ted Denny
5-17-2020 May 17th Dr. Ted Denny
5-10-2020 May 10th Dr. Ted Denny
4-29-2020 April 29th Brian Henley With Congressman Mark Green
4-26-2020 April 26th 11am
4-19-2020 April 19th 11am
3-8-2020 March 8th 11am
3-8-2020 March 8th 6pm
2-23-2020 Febuary 23rd 11am
2-16-2020 Febuary 16th 11am
2-9-2020 Febuary 9th 6pm
2-2-2020 Febuary 2nd 11am
1-26-20 January 26th 11am
1-12-20 January 19th 11am
1-12-20 January 12th 11am
1-5-20 January 5th 11am
12-22-19 December 29th 11am
12-22-19 December 22nd 11am
12-15-19 December 15th 11am
12-8-19 December 8th 11am What is Love
12-1-19 December 1st 11am
11-24-19 November 24th 11am
11-17-19 November 17th 11am
11-17-19 November 17th 6pm
11-3-19 November 3rd 11am
11-3-19 November 3rd 6pm
10-20-19 October 20th 11am
10-20-19 October 20th 6pm
10-13-19 October 13th 11am
10-13-19 October 13th 6pm
10-6-19 October 6th 11am
10-6-19 October 6th 6pm
9-22-19 Sept 29th 11am
9-22-19 Sept 22nd 11am
9-22-19 Sept 22nd 6pm
9-15-19 Sept 15th 11am
9-15-19 Sept 15th 6pm
9=8-19 Sept 8th 11am
9-8-19 Sept 8th 6pm
8-25-19 August 25th 11am
8-25-19 August 25th 6pm
8-18-19 August 18th 11am Bro Brian Henley
8-18-19 August 18th 6pm Bro Brian Henley
8-11-19 August 11th 11am Dr. Ted Denny
8-11-19 August 11th 6pm Dr. Ted Denny
8-4-19 August 4th 11am Dr. Ted Denny
8-4-19 August 4th 6pm Dr. Ted Denny
7-21-19 July 21st 6pm Dr. Ted Denny
7-21-19 July 21st Early Service Dr. Ted Denny
7-14-19 July 14th 11am Dr. Ted Denny