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Bethel is a loving and caring church, seeking to win the lost to Jesus Christ.  We feel sure that the Lord is coming back soon and we are striving to win as many souls to Jesus Christ before HIS return.

Please feel free to browse through our website and learn more about Jesus and the loving people of Bethel.  Check out the Revelation Series from our Senior Pastor, Dr. Ted Denny, along with our Weekly Blog segment from one of our Associate Pastors, Bro. Brian Hanvey.

Our prayer is that if you don't have a home church you would consider visiting Bethel.  God Bless and we hope to see you soon.

"Church Alive and Worth the Drive"


Current Series

strengthThe book of Revelation is fascinating, confusing, terrifying, and hopeful. 
Many have avoided studying the book because they get confused by the symbolism and don't understand the order of events.  Others have avoided studying the book because they are terrified of the events that take place and are fearful of the future.

God has assured Christians that we are not to suffer the wrath of God.  The judgments that fall on mankind are a part of the Tribulation and are a judgment for the depravity of mankind.

The book is also a book of tremendous hope.  It is a story of the victory of Jesus over sin, death, and Satan.  The just are rewarded and the evil are punished for their deeds.

Enjoy your journey through the book of Revelation and may your life be changed through this series of messages from our Senior Pastor, Dr. Ted Denny.

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  • Sunday School 10am
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  • Worhsip service 11am
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  • Sunday night 6pm
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  • Wednesday service at 7pm
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  • July 13th Mens Prayer Breakfast 8 am
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  • Youth Group Sunday nights 530pm
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  • Homecoming July 28th 11am
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  • Circle of Grace July 9th 5pm
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